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Leon Shackelford


Message from the CEO

Who is Leon Louis Shackelford Jr.?

Hey everyone, my name is Leon. I work directly with the top three solar companies in the USA. I understand that times can be hard because I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have worked hard to get where I am today. My family comes first. Everything I do is for them. I’m very family oriented and genuinely care about helping other people and families save their hard-earned money and time.

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What I Do?

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Solar Consultation

I will come to meet you anytime at your convenience and create a design, answer all your questions & most importantly I will keep it simple. When my client is educated, I get blessed with referrals. I do it right so it is very easy for you to understand how solar works with me

Solar Installation

Any installation that I have, I try to attend and order lunch for the install crew & clients. Typically, it will take 4-6 hours to install panels for an average home. Depending on the weather. Install pictures are taken for proof that the job is completed and done. I will take my photo with my big smile. No money needed gives my clients peace of mind ✅🔥☀️✌️🙏😎

Solar Review

After the installation, you will get a city inspection and your utility company will swap out your meter. You are my client; you will have full access to communicate with me anytime! After the solar system is complete, you will be generating your electricity from the sun! Now you’re changing the world, saving money and building equity in your home! You’re one step closer to becoming debt free!

My Solar Mission

Becoming debt free has given me the passion to help other families become debt free! I’m not here to sell you, I’m here to help you!