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Chamberland family

Adam Chamberland was referred to me by another client due to their original solar rep switching careers. I spoke with my team, they reopened the account, and BOOM! The Chamberland family was installed within a month. This family chose ownership to utilize the 30% tax credit! 


Leon Begin went solar a year ago because National Grid’s rates were extremely high and have doubled within a year. Leon leased the system with a Tesla backup battery in Massachusetts and has given me 15+ referrals. For each referral Mr. Begin has given me, he has collected $1000 dollars! 


Louis had been wanting to go Solar for a while. A few different companies did not follow up with him. 2 years later, Louis saw Freedom Forever installing his neighbor’s solar system next door. He decided to ask questions and he also read many great reviews online. He asked the Master Electrician to have a rep call him for a solar consultation. My guy called me, I set up a meeting with Louis, and gave him a great deal. Louis loved my social media and reviews so he decided to put his trust in me and the sun☀️! He chose to pay cash and eliminate his electric bill altogether while keeping his 30% tax credit!

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